Atchaya Saving Scheme:-

Monthly instalments must be paid according to that day's prevailing gold market rate. On completion of the fifteenth month, an accumulated gold weight will be added to your account.

Example Value:

Gold Market RateInstallment AmountGold Weight
4,000 10,000 2.500 Gms
4,000 5,000 1.250 Gms
4,000 2,000 0.500 Gms
4,000 1,000 0.250 Gms
Gold Weight Accumulated 25 gms 25 Gms
Gold jewellery Selected 25 gms 35 Gms
Difference in Weight Nil 10 Gms
VA Nil Applicable
GST  Nil Applicable

VAT (up to weight Accumulated)

Monthly you can pay minimum Rs. 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000. On completion of fifteen months the member is eligible to purchase gold jewellery.

Get a gift for joining this scheme.

In respect of members who would pay continuously for 15 months then only accounts benefits would be applicable.

In case of particular month installment was not paid, the scheme maturity would be extended.

wastage is calculated on average for the jewels purchased on different wastage.

Monthly instalments must be added on the date of prevailing Association rate. On the date of accumulated gold weight will be added to your account. On completion of the fifteenth month, the member is eligible to purchase of gold jewellery for without wastage and making charges as your wish. GST will be borne by the company. In a case where the selected jewellery weights more than the weight accumulated in the chit, then the deference weight will be valued wastage and GST at the prevailing rate.

Only we can purchase gold jewellery and Coin for without wastage, making charges and GST 

Silverware, diamond jewellery and platinum jewellery Calculates the required amount as required in case of bonus amount will be calculated.

Cash will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Members who discontinue in the middle of the scheme, Gold/silver jewels can be purchased only for the paid amount. Scheme benefits would not be applicable.

We accept cash, Debit /Credit cards, cheques, DD, AT PAR and if we pay through cheque Gold will be credited to their account as per market price on the date of payment from their account.

Those who are all paid through DD, MO, NEFT, RTGS you can fill the Scheme Name, Membership No, Name and Address to pay the Name of “Mangal and Mangal “.

You can pay the RTGS through this Address” STATE BANK of India, Trichy Town Branch Account Number: 32037187397, RTGS/ IFS Code: SBIN0001312 “After paying to this account, please inform your Membership No, Account name and receipt through phone or post.

Only mentioned benefits are applicable other benefits would not be applicable.

All disputes are subjects to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Tiruchirappalli.