Wooden Ladle with Long Handle Nonstick Utensil Cookware / Wooden Ladle Spatula / Wooden Utensils

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Length x Width x Height (Inches)9.75" X 2" X 0.5"
Weight0.050 kg

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Product Description

A handy tool that gentle on cookware, this ladle is crafted from natural wood for an ideal combination of strength and moderate weight. The length keeps hands comfortably far from heat without sacrificing control and the material is moisture-resistant. Good choice for your kitchen and cooking.

Note : Product delivered may have different wood grains but we make sure there is minimum deviation from design and material.

Wooden spoons are superior to other materials for five primary reasons:

1. They won’t scratch the finish off nonstick surfaces or leave scars on delicate copper pans. That’s especially important for dishes that require a lot of stirring, like caramel, risotto, and candies.

2. They’re “warm.” Wooden spoons plopped into a high-temp candy or other temperature-sensitive recipe won’t “shock” the mixtures and cause immediate crystallization. They also aren’t conductive, which means they won’t draw heat out of the dish—and they won’t burn your hand.

3. They’re firm enough to stir thick, viscous stews or batters, and they can hold up against the pressure of scraping browned bits off the the bottoms of pans.

4. They’re heat resistant. They won’t melt in hot syrups or when rested against a hot pan or stove eye. That doesn’t mean they won’t burn, of course, but even wooden spoons with burned bits are useable. They also don’t release chemicals when used in hot dishes as some plastics can.

5. They’re recipe safe. Some metal utensils can react with acidic foods, like tomato sauces and lemon curds. Wooden spoons will not affect the flavor of foods, and they’re unlikely to absorb flavors too.

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BrandMangal and Mangal

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