Traditional Kumbakonam Brass Storage Container or Sembadam / Brass Serving Pots / Brass Dappa

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₹ 590

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Product Description


LXBXH   : 3.5" X 3.5" X 5.5"

WEIGHT : 0.250 kg


LXBXH   : 4.75" X 4.75" X 6"

WEIGHT : 0.415 kg


LXBXH   : 5.5" X 5.5" X 6.5"

WEIGHT : 0.515 kg


LXBXH   : 6" X 6" X 6.5"

WEIGHT : 0.730 kg


LXBXH   : 6.5" X 6.5" X 7.75"

WEIGHT : 0.750 kg

[all values are approx.]

The Kumbakonam Brass Storage Container or the Sembadam, sourced straight from Kumbakonam which is well known for its best quality brass utensils.
Brass Utensils have anti-bacterial properties that reduce the growth of some bacteria, and that is the reason why it is better than steel utensils.
Compared to plastic storage containers brass storage containers are highly sustainable and are perfect to keep the ingredients fresh for a long time. You can see in every temple Holy water (theertham) is given in a Brass Utensil only.
This authentic Kumbakonam Brass Storage Container or Sembadam could be a memorable gift to many functions such as marriages, anniversaries, house warming, and birthdays.
During ancient days Brass was the common utensils as our ancestors knew the impressive property of this metal. Even now some people in the villages use Brass Utensils such as brass lota, and brass vessels.
It is an authentic Brass Storage Container that suits your kitchen perfectly.
All the Brass Containers have anti-rust and long-lasting properties. Wash it with tamarind paste to bring back the shine when it gets dull.

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BrandMangal and Mangal

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